> This is about accidental usage of *language* feature, which *by design* can 
> lead to code leaks (so application bug, not misconfigured environment). 
> Clearly not a language problem that it has dedicated feature to shoot 
> yourself in the foot...
> These methods have their purpose (pretty important BTW), short open tags is
> just "don't use it!!!" feature.

Sure those are important - I was just pointing out that the "security card" is 
questionable since the language has more dangerous features which ask for the 
user to be careful and responsible about them rather than making everything 
foolproof and accident-free.

Also it's not by design - the only way code can leak is when it has been using 
'<?'  and for some reason the environment (suddenly) disables short tags (which 
could actually happen if the initial RFC was implemented as is without 
questions asked).

Considering the current RFCs has it really been decided as "don't use it" 


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