Call for Papers

Theme: Humanity and the Modern Predicament
Subtitle: Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
   Visva-Bharati University
Location: Santinikentan (India)
Date: 6.–7.1.2017
Deadline: 30.11.2016



The world of this 21st century is basically ultra modern in character
and can be considered a turning point in the annals of humankind. Due
to the new scientific inventions and globalization it has experienced
tremendous changes in the economic, social, cultural and political
spheres which have broken down the barricades of the
multi-dimensional identity of humankind to emerge as a multi-cultural
and monetary exchange. From a broader outlook this appears to be a
good sign of progress, but if we look more deeply then it becomes
obvious that these are related to our external or material
development only and that the inner life of humanity is decreasing
day by day. Only in this modern scientific world violence, conflicts,
blood-shed and terrorist activities are taking place in the various
corners of the world. Due to our tampering upon our natural
environment problems are widening gradually spreading broadly. There
is a sharp competition among the different nations to accumulate
atomic/molecular deadly weapons. This is not only destructive by
nature but also signals the extinction of human civilization. In this
modern world man has become his own most dangerous being. Industries
are more conscious for their monetary profit at the expense of their
humanitarian nature. As a result, human values, moral
responsibilities, fraternal relations, social justice, equal and just
treatment, respect for the dignity of human beings, etc. are
gradually weakening. In this modern world we are unable to say that
we are in perfect peace.

In this modern world humanity is perplexed regarding its own nature
and passing through crucial times. We are truly in dismay, not
understanding what we shall do? There is no guarantee that we will
survive tomorrow, because human existence is facing a tremendous
challenge at various social levels. This is the disgrace of our
modern world. Scientists are unable to resolve this by themselves and
thus, the role of philosophers, metaphysicians and intellectuals have
become very important here to save this world.  For that, mutual
co-operation, inter-faith understanding, cultural exchange, moral
obligations and above all a humanitarian approach need to become more
effective in order to overcome this situation. They will have to
accept this challenge for the sake of global humanity and at the same
time we will have to understand the emerging situation of this modern
predicament in humanitarian terms. For that we will have to more
intensively humanized rather than mere human beings.

India is a country which has never worked merely for bread rather
than for humanity here holds more priority. Its notions of moral
values, all pervading divinity, spiritual appeal and peace to all can
help to mitigate/overcome this challenge.

Hence, this collaborative conference on Humanity and the Modern
Predicament will help to work together through moral, logical and
humanitarian approaches in rethinking the human potentialities and
the environmental as well as cultural crises of the modern world.

Sub-themes for discussion:

- Humanity, Multi-Cultural character and the Modern World Order
- Creating understanding – through Philosophy, Religion, Ethics and
- Logical and Metaphysical search for dialogue in the view of Indian
  and Western Philosophy
- Philosophical understanding of the present world crisis and the
  process of Cultural transformation
- Cultural, Spiritual and Identity Crises and ways of their resolution
- Moral and Humanitarian approaches for dialogue in the Media and
  Information Technology
- Political transformations in the public thinking in the context of
  globalization and present market economy
- Changes in thinking on an individual, group and social level in the
  present society
- The Role of Indian philosophy, Religion and Culture in saving the
- Value alterations in the contemporary society towards tolerance and
- Freedom and Responsibility as values of mutual understanding
- Varieties of Terrorism, modern religious identity and secularism
- Feminism and the Modern Predicament
- Building positive society and the transfiguration of subjectivity
- Environmental problems and their philosophical solution
- Development of democratic institutions and the promotion of civil
- Development of a value based education and present cultural issues
  (Tagore, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Aurobindo and Iqbal)
- Intercultural dialogue in a multicultural society


We seek proposals and abstracts (of 500-700 words) from interested
participants for the conference before November 30th, 2016. Abstracts
should be edited and ready to print in the book to be released before
the conference.

Full Text/Paper (up to 15,000 characters or 2,400 words) will have to
submit before participation in the conference. A list of relevant
literature, references and notes should be at the end of the article
and maintain international standards.

The conference Committee reserves the right to select abstracts and
texts, whereupon personal invitations to attend the conference will
be sent.

Please send the abstract and a brief C.V. to Professor Md. Sirajul
Islam [siraj_t...@yahoo.co.in], Cell No: ++91-9732071184 and

Selected full papers will be published in English by the RVP,
Washington, D.C.; USA.

The conference will be held in the form of successive sessions,
panels and discussions with speeches of 20 minutes, panel
participation - 15 minutes and discussions - up to 5 minutes.

Conference languages: English.

Logistics: There is no registration fee for the invited
speakers/resource persons. All travel and hotel expenses will be
covered by the participants (or their institutions).


Professor Md. Sirajul Islam [siraj_t...@yahoo.co.in]
Dr. Rekha Ojha, [drrek...@gmail.com]
Dr. Gour Hajra, [hazra_g...@yahoo.com]
Visva-Visva-Bharati University
Santinikentan, India

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