Call for Papers

Theme: The Cross-Cultural Way
Subtitle: Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
   Manipal University Jaipur
Location: Jaipur (India)
Date: 26.–27.12.2016
Deadline: 30.11.2016



Humans have the privilege of walking on earth under the sky. The
three instruments of their knowing, that is, body, mind and heart
indeed correspond to the three dimensions of their being - cosmic,
human and divine. This three-dimensional knowing and being, long
cherished in most traditions, has either been forgotten or ignored in
our contemporary times, resulting in a kind of monomorphic
reductionism of life and reality, where the entire reality is reduced
to human beings, human beings to male, male to his thinking, thinking
to his reason, and reason to calculation. Isn't life more than
calculus? Perhaps what has become imperative for our global times, is
a re-learning to be human not only through “love of wisdom,” but also
through the “wisdom of love.” It is this “wisdom of love” that will
enable humans to walk on earth under the sky gently, integrally and
in a feminine way, that is, with a spirit of receptivity to, and
mutual learning from, all disciplines, traditions and peoples.

A proper understanding of culture becomes crucial here.  Culture is
not just one more dimension of society, alongside the economy,
politics, science, technology, philosophy, religion, law, aesthetics,
and so on. Culture is the very ground on which the humans walk and
conduct their life journey.  It is the existential reality of peoples
and communities in a society in which economics, politics, religion,
etc. are different “cultural areas.” Therefore, if an innovation (the
ability to learn not only from within, but also without) is suggested
or brought about in any of these cultural areas in a cross-cultural
way, it would really and naturally contribute to the re-learning to
be human.

The re-learning, therefore, is an intercultural task.  In our
contemporary cross-cultural human situation, the mutual fecundation
of cultures has become the cultural imperative and in this new
situation, cultures do influence each other. Hence, a positive
symbiosis is possible, through a mutual dialogue and criticism. The
cross-cultural way, therefore, seems to be the way forward.

Invitation is extended to scholars to address the theme in the
backdrop of their own disciplines and the cultural concerns of their
people with an interdisciplinary and intercultural orientation. The
Conference will be held at  Manipal University Jaipur from 26 -27
December 2016, Village & Post - Dehmi Kalan, Jaipur-Ajmer Express
Way, Jaipur - 303007, Rajasthan, India.


Please send the abstract and a brief C.V. to Anthony Savari Raj
(ansra...@gmail.com) and (cua-...@cua.edu)  until November 30, 2016.
Presentation of accepted papers will be 20 minutes in length followed
by 20 minutes discussion. Full papers (for which in order to promote
in-depth investigation there is no upper page limit) will be
published by the RVP.


There is no registration fee. Travel expense and accommodation will
be covered by the participants (or their institutions).


Prof. Anthony Savari Raj, Head
Department of Arts
Manipal University Jaipur
Village & Post - Dehmi Kalan
Jaipur-Ajmer Express Way
Jaipur - 303007, Rajasthan
Phone: +91 982836285, 9940572685
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