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Theme: Human Rights and the World Today
Publication: Edited Book
Deadline: 30.11.2016


Man being born free is supposed to enjoy human rights from birth. All
the religious texts support human rights. The notion of ‘natural
right’ was developed by the Greek philosophers. Human rights provide
the individual the basic pre-requisites to develop one’s personality
and capacities. Wars have been fought in the guise of protection of
human rights. Professor Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate, has stated
that human right has gained a new popularity in the language of
national and international communication. It has acquired legitimacy
in the world parlance. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has
been stated to be the International Bill of Rights. The universality
of the rights is hardly appreciated throughout the world. It is
culture-specific. However, human rights need legal recognition. Right
is a child of law. Legitimacy is equally required. The role of the
law enforcement authorities is equally important. But, human rights
can go beyond legislation.

You can contribute on the following topics or any other topic related
to “Human Rights”

- Evolution of Human Rights
- Human Rights and International Documents
- Human Rights and International Relations
- United Nations and Human Rights
- War and Human Rights
- Human Rights and Municipal Law
- Human Rights and Culture
- Violation of Human Rights
- Contemporary Issues 

Submission Format

Abstract (around 300 words) needs to be sent by 30th November, 2016.
Kindly include your Bio-Note in 50 words
Language: English

The book will be published by a reputed Indian national publishing


Dr Arundhati Bhattacharyya has specialisation in International
Relations and Gender Studies. She is an Alumnus of the Presidency
College, Kolkata and Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has published
two books and has several articles in national and international
books and journals to her credit. She has the distinction of
presenting a paper on Rural Women in CEDAW, United Nations in Geneva.


Dr Arundhati Bhattacharyya
Department of Political Science
Diamond Harbour Women's University
West Bengal
Email: bhattacharyya.arundha...@gmail.com


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