Call for Papers

Theme: Chinese Philosophy in a Multicultural World
Type: 20th International Conference
Institution: International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)
   Nanyang Technological University
Location: Singapore
Date: 4.–7.7.2017
Deadline: 30.11.2016


The 20th International Conference of the International Society for
Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) will be held at the Nanyang Technological
University in Singapore on 4 - 7 July 2017.

Conference Theme: Chinese Philosophy in a Multicultural World

In the 21st century, cultures that originated on different continents
are in close contact and people from various philosophical and
religious traditions interact on multiple levels. How can Chinese
philosophy position and present itself in this multicultural and
intercultural world? How does a globalized world affect the study and
development of Chinese philosophy? What does Chinese philosophy
contribute to the making of a more harmonious and prosperous world?
How can Chinese philosophy more effectively interact and communicate
with other traditions? What can Chinese philosophy do to further
renew and enrich its own traditions? This conference explores such
questions, directly and indirectly, from a wide range of perspectives.

Under the general theme of “Chinese Philosophy in a Multicultural
World,” the subthemes of this conference include, but are not limited
to, the following:

1. Chinese philosophy as a cultural tradition
2. Contemporary challenges for Chinese philosophy
3. Continuing relevance of Chinese philosophical ideas
4. Buddhism and the contemporary world
5. Confucianism and the contemporary world
6. Daoism and the contemporary world
7. Chinese philosophy as a world philosophy
8. Chinese philosophy and philosophies of other cultures
9. Comparative approaches to Chinese philosophy
10. Pluralism and diversity in Chinese philosophy
11. The model of Confucian-Daoist complementarity
12. The harmony of the three teachings (Buddhism-Confucianism-Daoism)
13. Society and politics in Chinese philosophy
14. Multiculturalism in Singapore, East Asia, and Southeast Asia

Participants may present papers on individual philosophers or
thematic topics. The organizers strongly encourage proposals for
panels focused on particular thinkers or issues.

Submission Guidelines

The conference languages are both English and Chinese.

English abstracts should be 250 to 300 words; Chinese abstracts
should be about 500 characters. Abstracts should include paper title,
author’s name, affiliation, and email contact information.

Panel submissions (including “Author-Meets-Critics” sessions) should
include the topic, panelists and their affiliations, a summary of the
proposed panel in 300-500 words (English) or 800-1000 characters
(Chinese), and an abstract for each of the papers (in 250–300 words
for papers in English and 400-500 words for papers in Chinese). The
registration fee for panel organizers will be waived.

Individual paper presentations are 20-25minutes each. Proposed panels
can be either 1.5 hours with two presenters (20-25 minutes each) and
one commentator (10-15 minutes), or 2 hours with three presenters.


Deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals:
November 30, 2016

Communication of acceptance:
January 31, 2017

Deadline for submitting early-bird registration form:
March 31, 2017

Deadline for submission of full papers:
May 30, 2017
Submissions and inquiries should be emailed to: iscp2...@ntu.edu.sg​

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