I am using Android Studio 2.1.3, build AI-143.3101438, SDK Tools: 25.2.2, 
Android Platform Version N revision 3.
Whenever there is an update available I immediately install it.

I think something has gone incompatible in the IDE. I noticed my 
application could no longer connect to the IOIO board.

It always does
Connecting to IOIO... Connected!
Connecting to Android application... 
 but never connects to the application

I checked it with an Android hooked directly to the ioio (where I don't see 
the terminal with its messages).
With your HelloIOIO sample application, compiled by the IDE, the yellow LED 
would never come on and pushing the button on the application did nothing.
On the other hand downloading HelloIOIO.apk from your website and using 
your apk, works fine.

This problem has shown up quite recently with the latest Android Studio 
Since your program doesn't work, small wonder that mine doesn't work either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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