Hello Guillaume,

I believe that when connected to Android the IOIO-OTG works as USB host. 
When connected to PC the IOIO-OTG works as a USB peripheral node (aka USB 

>I'm using a usb-a connector on my board as I have no need for host mode
You are probably mixing things as the USB-A connector is for USB host and 
USB-B is for device.

As you were able to connect IOIO to PC in bootloader mode then I think that 
you actually have USB-B connector on your board (or mini-B, or micro-B).

You should not skip the host mode if you want to have communication with 


On Wednesday, 7 June 2017 19:33:49 UTC+3, Guillaume Madore wrote:
> Hello all,
> so I've been working on a project that is IOIO based (new pcb but 100% 
> IOIO based just with added components). I'm not an electronics expert so I 
> had help designing it but the guy helping me just doesn't have much time 
> anymore so I'm trying to finish it myself. It's almost done and I've 
> soldered the main components to be able flash the PIC.
> I've bought a PICKit 3 and managed to flash the bootloader. I then was 
> able to connect it to a pc in bootloader mode and flash the application 
> firmware. The connection works well and I can see with the versions command 
> that the bootloader and app seem ok.
> But the thing is, when I connect my board to an android device, it does 
> charge it but my android app doesn't work/connect. The same device/app/usb 
> cable were used with a IOIO Board and were working well. I've since bricked 
> all my IOIOs so I can't really confirm 100% but I'd say 95% sure that the 
> same setup would work on a IOIO. I'll probably end up buying another IOIO 
> just to make sure everything does work... 
> I'm no usb connection expert either but since I can connect it to a pc and 
> update the application, I would guess that d+ and d- couldn't be mixed up? 
> And since my device does say that it's charging, the 5v/gnd usb connections 
> must be ok too?
> I'm using a usb-a connector on my board as I have no need for host mode. 
> I've tried to pull up/pull down the usbid pin on the pic with a 10k res 
> before connecting to android and it made no difference either. What would 
> be my next logical thing to try?
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-7YSWQp2t85g/WTgptfjFIgI/AAAAAAAAANM/kpH6SozGWl4CwW8SjSguEPz0__xzJfQ3gCLcB/s1600/Sans%2Btitre.png>
> If any experts are interested, I'd be willing to pay you for consultation 
> work to finish this thing...
> Thanks

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