Hi All,

I need to read pH using this product


I found this table on the description:
[image: Ph-mv.jpg]

The table said that it will give negative voltage (0.00 mV to -414.12 mV) 
for pH value 7-14..

I've been searching through this group, I think I found that I should not 
feed IOIO analog input pin with negative value (only 0v - 3.3v CMIIW).

I'm not really experienced with electicity, so any suggestion is really a 
big help.

Is there any solution for the negative value?

Maybe using another componen to convert flip it to positive,

or offset the voltage to be positive since it only have around 828mV range 
(-414.42 mv to +414.42 mV). So maybe I can just set the 7pH from 0V to 
maybe 2V, then the lowest voltage will only be 2V - 414.42mV, and the 
highest voltage will only be 2V + 414.42mV

or any better/proper solution?

Thank you.

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