>OK, well I see what you are saying, but if we intended to support all 3 for 
>Tegra194, then we should ensure all 3 are initialised correctly.

The driver intend to support up to 3 instances. It doesn't really mandate that 
all three instances be present in same DT node.
Each mmio aperture in "reg" property is an instance here. reg = <inst0_base, 
size>, <inst1_base, size>, <inst2_base, size>;
The reg can have all three or less and driver just configures based on reg and 
it works fine.

>It would be better to query the number of SMMUs populated in device-tree and 
>then ensure that all are initialised correctly.

Getting the IORESOURCE_MEM is the way to count the instances driver need to 
In a way, It is already querying through IORESOURCE_MEM here. 


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