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On 29/09/2020 01:11, Lu Baolu wrote:
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On 27/09/2020 07:34, Lu Baolu wrote:

The previous post of this series could be found here.


This version introduce a new patch [4/7] to fix an issue reported here.


There aren't any other changes.

Please help to test and review.

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Lu Baolu (3):
   iommu: Add quirk for Intel graphic devices in map_sg

Since I do have patches to fix i915 to handle this, do we want to co-ordinate the two and avoid having to add this quirk and then later remove it? Or you want to go the staged approach?

I have no preference. It depends on which patch goes first. Let the
maintainers help here.

FYI we have merged the required i915 patches to out tree last week or so. I *think* this means they will go into 5.11. So the i915 specific workaround patch will not be needed in Intel IOMMU.

Thanks for letting us know this. I will drop the workaround patch and
test the whole series after the next rc1.

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