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The previous post of this series could be found here.


This version introduce a new patch [4/7] to fix an issue reported here.


There aren't any other changes.

Please help to test and review.

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Lu Baolu (3):
   iommu: Add quirk for Intel graphic devices in map_sg

Since I do have patches to fix i915 to handle this, do we want to co-ordinate the two and avoid having to add this quirk and then later remove it? Or you want to go the staged approach?

I have no preference. It depends on which patch goes first. Let the
maintainers help here.

FYI we have merged the required i915 patches to out tree last week or so. I *think* this means they will go into 5.11. So the i915 specific workaround patch will not be needed in Intel IOMMU.

Do you mind telling me what's the status of this fix patch? I tried this
series on v5.10-rc1 with the graphic quirk patch dropped. I am still
seeing dma faults from graphic device.

Hmm back then I thought i915 fixes for this would land in 5.11 so I will stick with that. :) (See my quoted text a paragraph above yours.)

What size are those fixes? I am considering pushing this series for
v5.11. Is it possible to get some acks for those patches and let them
go to Linus through iommu tree?

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