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On 2022/6/21 22:43, Lu Baolu wrote:
Hi folks,

The former part of this series refactors the IOMMU SVA code by assigning
an SVA type of iommu_domain to a shared virtual address and replacing
sva_bind/unbind iommu ops with set/block_dev_pasid domain ops.

The latter part changes the existing I/O page fault handling framework
from only serving SVA to a generic one. Any driver or component could
handle the I/O page faults for its domain in its own way by installing
an I/O page fault handler.

This series has been functionally tested on an x86 machine and compile
tested for all architectures.

This series is also available on github:

Please review and suggest.

Just a gentle ping on this series.

Do you have further inputs? I am trying to see if we can merge this
series for v5.20. The drivers also depend on it to enable their kernel

Sorry to disturb you.

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