On 2009-05-26, Ciprian Dorin, Craciun <ciprian.crac...@gmail.com> wrote:
>     * you can track multiple branches (ion3, ion3-plus);

I've never got why anyone would want multiple branches within
a single DVCS repository. Multiple repositories does it much
more simply.

>     * it allows you to configure push target (even a default one);
> (using them like "git push github" or "git push");

Yup, configure, just like all the other designs that were devoted
just two brain cells.

In 1995, Linux was almost a bicycle; an alternative way of live to the
Windows petrol beasts that had to be taken to the dealer for service.
By 2008, Linux has bloated into a gas-guzzler, and the cycle paths 
have been replaced with polluted motorways.

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