hi again

i am not quite familiar with lua but think it must be something like
the following to extend winprop by the option position. I don't know
how to make ion3 use this file. Is it enough to just put it in the
~/.ion3 folder? And as i said i don't know if this is how its done. I
got these functions from the documentation but i am not sure if i used
them right.

-- usage:
-- defwinprop {
--    class = "something"
--    instance = "anything"
--    float = true
--    position = { x = 100, y = 100 }
-- }

windowpos = {}

function windowpos.set (cwin, tab) {

        local prop = ioncore.get_winprop(cwin)
        if prop and prop.float and prop.position then

                local horizmul = prop.position.x
                local vertmul = prop.position.y

                WFloatFrame.do_move(cwin, horizmul, vertmul)

                return true


        return false


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