On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 22:16 +0000, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 15:10 -0500, Timandahaf wrote:
> > When I hit the fullscreen button inside a youtube video in firefox, the
> > video just disappears, and I'm left with the browser without the video.
> > There's no new full-screen workspace created. Pressing either alt-tab or
> > Escape has the same effect: the video comes back into its original
> > position embedded inside the browser. I don't think I've ever had this
> > work correctly in the past either.
> > 
> > Any idea why this is happening/how to fix this?
> Flash seems to do stupid things with window focus.  I had a workaround
> for an earlier version of Flash[1] but it no longer works.
> Ben.
> [1] 
> http://git.decadent.org.uk/gitweb?p=ion3.git;a=blob;f=debian/cfg_kludge_flash.lua

It seems that Flash no longer sets the initial window size to 200x200
sizes but to the current screen size.  So changing:

    match = function(prop, cwin, id)
               local geom = cwin:geom()
               return is_fullscreen(cwin) and geom.w == 200 and geom.h == 200


    match = function(prop, cwin, id) return is_fullscreen(cwin); end,

makes it behave, though this might have false positives.


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