Ok Thank You !!!!

It's work now :)

Sorry i'm not an expert but when i see xterm i was surprised.

the content of file windowinfos.lua is
-- Ce fichier a été généré par Ion, Ne pas éditer.
return {
    ["instance"] = "firefox-bin",
    ["class"] = "Firefox-bin",

FILE cfg_kludge_flash.lua:

-- Flash player opens full-screen windows from Firefox with size
-- request 200x200.  It closes them if they lose focus, but also if
-- they get focus too quickly.  Therefore set focus 200 ms after
-- such a window is mapped (this may need to be adjusted on slower
-- computers).

_NET_WM_STATE = ioncore.x_intern_atom('_NET_WM_STATE', false)

function is_fullscreen(cwin)
    local state = ioncore.x_get_window_property(cwin:xid(), _NET_WM_STATE,
                                                1, true)
    if state then
        for k, v in pairs(state) do
            if v == _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN then
                return true
    return false

defwinprop {
    class = 'Firefox-bin',
    instance = 'firefox-bin',
--    match = function(prop, cwin, id)
--              local geom = cwin:geom()
--              return is_fullscreen(cwin) and geom.w == 200 and geom.h ==
--          end,
    match = function(prop, cwin, id) return is_fullscreen(cwin); end,
    switchto = false,
    flash_fullscreen = true,

    function(cwin, table)
        --ioncore.write_savefile("windowinfos", cwin:get_ident())
        local winprop = ioncore.getwinprop(cwin)
        if winprop and winprop.flash_fullscreen then
            local timer = ioncore.create_timer()
            timer:set(500, function() cwin:goto() end)
            return true
            return false

I have changed also the timer to 500 ms. Now it's work.

PS: I have the same problem with VLC or game the fullscreen mode doesn't
work. It's not a real problem because i can do ALT + ENTER for fullscreen.

Thank very much

2009/12/14 Canaan Hadley-Voth <ug...@hotmail.com>

> Tony Emma <tony.emm...@...> writes:
> >
> >     class = 'UXTerm',
> >     instance = 'xterm',
> >
> I see that you're following the instruction "restart ion, fullscreen a
> flash
> video and see what got written to windowinfos.lua" very precisely, but in
> the
> act of "see what got written" you're opening an xterm window, and
> windowinfos.lua only shows you the *last* client window opened, in your
> case
> the xterm.  So open xterm first, then fullscreen a flash video, then enter
> the
> command in the terminal that would read the file windowinfos.lua.
> If it still fails when you get the right class and instance, the author of
> script warned that the delay may need to be adjusted on some computers,
> which
> means changing the number in "timer:set(200, function() cwin:goto() end)".

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