Tony Emma <tony.emm...@...> writes:

> Hello,Sorry, I still have the problem. In fact it's work for Youtube but not
> for dalymotion and other Flash applications. Why?Tony

I find it works on most sites.  Since you mentioned that, I tried some more, 
failed with Hulu and Dailymotion.  Hulu, I got to work by increasing the timer 
from 200 all the way to 2000.  Dailymotion wasn't working with any sort of time 
delay, so then I removed cwin:goto() from the timer function completely, making 
it look like this:

timer:set(2000, function() end)

So now it successfully creates the fullscreen window but doesn't switch to it 
until I do so manually with Alt-G and tab-completion.  And that works.  And it 
*doesn't* work if I use the "next workspace" bindings.  At the moment I don't 
really understand why it works.

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