Hi, Dev

Sorry to disturb you. I used file 
out/linux/arm/release/resource/csdk/security/tool/json2cbor to trans from json 
file to dat file. Is there a way to change the file from dat back to json?


Jason Sun

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主题: Using CTT tool can't find device resource in SECURED mode

Hi, dev

For IoTivity 1.3.1 in SECURED mode, I did a program and generate a device 

With that I used CTT tool to do a testing. But unfortunately, the resource 
can’t be found. Could you help check whether the json file, seeing the 
attachment, is right and give me some suggestions?

The resource is /test, need I declare in this file? And how could I do?

I am sure that the resource is generated since without SECURED mode CTT tool 
can find the resource.


Jason Sun
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