Thank you, with that information I was finally able to run through all of the 
security tests.  I have some failures but I am investigating them.

I did find the function OCResetSVRDB. Using code inspection, I was unable to 
tell if this puts the device in the OTM state. I did hear from another 
developer that this worked for them. Can anyone confirm if this function will 
put the device into the Ready-for-OTM state?

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When testing CTT with IoTivity sample apps I've always just killed the Server, 
replaced the .dat file and restarted the Server.


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I have some code that I am running through the OFC Certification and Testing 

I am currently working on the security tests. When running the tests it will 
ask me multiple times to 'Please initiat device to "ready for OTM" state'.

The OCF Security Specification v1.3.0 section 8.2 has a list of values for the 
Device Ready-for-OTM State Definition.

These include setting the owned property to FALSE and setting a lot of UUIDs to 
the nil UUID.

I could replace the security.dat file with the security.dat file before any of 
the unit tests ran but I don't know if that is what is expected.

How have other developers handled putting the device into the "ready for OTM"?  
Do you have a reset method that changes the values in the security.dat file?

George Nash
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