The fact that simulator shows devices are visible, means discovery working
As Tiago check point you need to check whether client sent the request to
5683 port correctly.
There is no code logic to distinguish 5 min later packet or IPV6/V4.

BR, Uze Choi
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On Monday, 12 March 2018 09:28:54 PDT Nadavd wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> I created an environment that my client is configure to do discovery 
> in
> IPv4 only.

This is not supported, as OCF certification requires IPv6.

> The environment is on Android devices.
> The scenario:
>  1. Run the iotivity server on and android device  2. Add resources to 
> the server  3. Check with iotivity simulator that the devices are 
> visible  4. Install the client side  5. Try to discover resources
> *Expected*: Resources found
> *Actual: *Resources are not found, but after 5 minutes if i try again 
> it finds the resources.
> On the server side i am not getting any packet, only after 5 minutes 
> when i am trying to send again from the client.

Is the packet being sent from the client at all? Please confirm with
tcpdump or another tool to verify that the packet was sent from the client

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