On Tuesday, 13 March 2018 01:54:13 PDT Nadavd wrote:
> Hi Dev
>  From what i understand the iotivity doesn't support only IPv4 multi-cast?

It does. You may have found a bug.

But that shouldn't be a showstopper because IPv6 should be working.

> Cause my problem is when i am on a local network (Router IPv4 & IPv6), i
> am getting a problem that the server sometimes not getting the IPv6 ,
> and because of that i am getting an error on the server that
> "error:socket IPv6".
> This is the reason why i need to use IPv4.

No, that means you need to fix IPv6. What you're asking for is like going to 
your mechanic and saying "raise the volume of the horn, because the brakes 
don't work". You need to fix your brakes instead.

> For the question if the packets go out on IPv4, so in the first 5
> minutes i can't see them only after.

How did you test this? Was it with tcpdump on the local machine? Was that 
machine just recently booted? Had it already acquired an address via DHCP?

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