This is the OCF Bridging Specification.

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Hi all,

I'm reading through the documentation of OIC Device Specification v1.1.0 at the 
moment, specifically the section about creating a bridging device:

"A Smart Home Bridge Device shall be indicated on the network with a Device 
Type of “oic.d.bridge”. This provides to a client an explicit indication that 
the discovered Device is performing a bridging function"

I'm currently creating an IoTivity server to bridge devices over a radio layer 
(Zigbee etc.) as the current zigbee plugin doesn't do what I need it to.

I'm having trouble finding any specifications for how to represent oic.d.bridge 
so it conforms to the specifications.

Is there any work done representing the handling for the functions required? ( 
specifically performing specific actions to the bridge such as enabling pairing 

I've looked through the resource models on OneIota for any definitions on 
bridge resources and come up short.

Thanks for the time,

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