I think I found the issue..

In V2.0, if you use WEP on your wifi access points, the iphone takes
several seconds to reconnect after sleep.

If you change the wifi access point to use WPA security, the iphone
V2.0 connects within 2 seconds, as it did in 1.x.x.

On Jul 17, 8:11 am, FALGuy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have an ipod Touch running the latest V1.x.x. TheWiFiconnection is
> always present (the indicator at the top of the screen is always on).
> When I bring the touch out of sleep, it has instant access. Even when
> its running on battery.
> On a V1.x.x iPhone it takes 1 to 2 seconds to reconnect to an Access
> Point that it was previously associated with.
> On V2.0 iPhone, it takes at least 8 seconds (but I have seen it vary)
> when running on battery. Maybe its dependent on the state of the AT&T
> cellular signal?  Anyway, something has changed from V1.x.x to V2.0,
> that is causing it to take significantly longer to wake up theWiFi
> signal.
> On Jul 16, 1:52 pm, davidroe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I have never seen 1.x.x reconnect in less than 2 seconds. In my
> > experience, it either takes 8 to 10 seconds, or it is immediate if you
> > have the device plugged into a power source.
> > On Jul 14, 8:03 pm, FALGuy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > In V2, when turning on the phone (from sleep), It takes about 8 to 10
> > > seconds forWifiTo reconnect.
> > > In the previous release, 1.x.x, the iPhone reconnected in less than 2
> > > seconds.
> > > Can someone confirm this issue?
> > > The short reconnect time was a great property of the phone, especially
> > > since I write web apps to control devices in the home.
> > > Thanks

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