I’ve promised an article to RIPE and APNIC … will work on it once I’ve the 
Korean data … hopefully in a couple of weeks …

If somebody can help to disseminate the survey among Korean ISPs, please, let 
me know!

In case someone in this list still didn’t responded, here is the link:



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    Thanks Jordi.  And yes, hindsight is always easy!
    It would be nice to have a survey report document online for anyone to 
read, to complement various powerpoint decks you’ve used.
    Amazing to get such a large response - well done :)
    > On 20 Sep 2016, at 14:49, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ 
<jordi.pa...@consulintel.es> wrote:
    > No, didn’t included anything about security, unfortunately (now I realize 
having missed it !) I will consider upgrading the actual questions or making a 
specific one related to security …
    > I’ve got already over 1.100 responses, and I’m waiting for Korean ISPs to 
start responding … I think is the only country which didn’t responded at all.
    > I did a quick presentation about the data both in the last v6ops and IEPG 
meetings. Will do a new presentation at the next LACNIC meeting and hopefully 
at the next RIPE one.
    > Regards,
    > Jordi
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    >    Hi,
    >    Was this one of the questions asked in Jordi’s survey?  I’m not sure 
I’ve seen the results published as yet, but he got a fantastic level of 
response (over 200 iirc)… Jordi? :)
    >    Tim 
    >> On 20 Sep 2016, at 13:44, Benedikt Stockebrand <b...@stepladder-it.com> 
    >> Hi Ragnar and list,
    >> as far as I can tell, little has changed at least in Germany since our
    >> last discussion on this (except that I've since sobered up again:-)
    >> I guess you won't be surprised that I still share the same opinion as
    >> Ted:-)
    >> So far all I've consciously seen on consumer CPEs is "per default, allow
    >> all outbound, block all inbound".  I'm not sure if there are any ultra
    >> cheap CPEs out that don't even let users configure inbound rules, but
    >> I've never had the need to deal with anything like that.
    >> However, one rather interesting thing has changed here: Since August
    >> this year, ISPs can by law no longer force their customers in Germany to
    >> use the CPE they provide.  The implications here are yet to appear, but
    >> one possible effect might be that the ISPs move away from the
    >> all-features-you-never-wanted-plus-some-extra CPEs they so far forced on
    >> their customers to minimalistic devices they can just manage via TR-069
    >> or similar (reaching a setup similar ot the old NT1/NT2 split with ISDN
    >> in Europe), eventually leaving the filtering to the end user again.
    >> With business customers the range obviously goes from "consumer grade is
    >> good enough so why use anything else" for small businesses to dark fiber
    >> for customers running their own AS.
    >> Cheers,
    >>   Benedikt
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