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On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 4:49 PM, Lukas Zapletal <>

> Hello,
> our project ( provides functionality to generate
> bootdisk for individual hosts. These are either iPXE or SYSLINUX based. The
> iPXE version does load the kernel/initramdisk directly via HTTP, the
> SYSLINUX has embedded linux kernel.
> Now, we had no UEFI support, until now. I am able to implement SYSLINUX
> bootdisk type (we call it Full host image) with Grub2 and that was pretty
> simple.
> I would like to add ipxe.efi into the image and be able to boot it, which
> is also doable either directly, or via chainbooting from Grub2. But the
> problem is, with SYSLINUX we've been able to provide the script via
> initramdisk (it's call embedding in iPXE terms I believe):
> default ipxe
> label ipxe
> kernel /ipxe
> initrd /script
> This worked fine, but I am unable to do the same with ipxe.efi.
> set default=0
> set timeout=1
> menuentry "Chainload iPXE - this does not work" {
>   linuxefi /ipxe.efi
>   initrdefi /script
> }
> menuentry "Chainload iPXE - this loads iPXE but no script" {
>   search --no-floppy --set=root -f /ipxe.efi
>   chainloader /ipxe.efi + 1
> }
> Is there a way to embed a script? What I want to avoid is building iPXE
> from scratch (with embedded script), I don't want to make our application
> complex and compiler and tools are not usually available on production
> installations.
> If there is no way of doing that from Grub2, I am fine booting iPXE
> directly, that's just more work when generating the ISO (hybrid) image for
> me, but feasible too.
> Tried to post into the user forum, but it did not work (form was submitted
> but no post appeared). Later on, I saw a PostgreSQL error page, so sending
> to the dev list if you don't mind. Thanks for help!
> --
> S pozdravem / Best regards
>   Lukas Zapletal
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