On 15-08-2019 16:09, Tom Siewert wrote:

> Hi there,
> currently, I have some issues with HTTPS using Ryzen 3000 series systems.
> My test system has a Ryzen 3600 (also tried to use a 3850X) and an ASRock
> B450 board with 64GB ECC RAM and 2x 1TB NVMe.
> The error 1c25e0c82 (Invalid argument) gets thrown by iPXE becuase of
> entropy issues.
> I already updated the BIOS to the latest version but that didn't resolve
> the issue.
> Using Ryzen 3000 series CPU on a MSI board has the same issues with
> HTTPS but also issues with HTTP.
> If I use HTTP on the MSI board, the system freezes after the chainload.
> Using other chainloads shows same behavior.
> Is there any possibility to fix this issue or do I have to wait until a
> BIOS Update gets released?
And while waiting consider a deeper dive

into the challenge you are facing

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