This mornings session (12:50 through 14:00) was kind of like yesterdays -
but different: A little less Japan, and a bit more China maybe - with some

891Khz - 1331 UTC - Korea (t.) An actual capture of a language I recognize!
- Korean - with the lilting, "Yogenon Pangsong Imnida..." unmistakeable -
Many mornings I have thought I might have Thailand here - but considering
the lack of reception featuring a language identifier and lack of a
parallel or stream somewhere - I can conclude that, even though Thailand
may pound into Kona most mornings, this isn't Kona. Thanks to Nick for
pointing this out to me.

As the attached video shows, there was lots of activity on 909, 918, 936,
954, 963 - some of which at quite impressive levels - but not much in the
way of actual talk or identifiable language.

972khz - 1300 to 1400 UTC KBS Dangjin Korea -  was its usually virile self
with an assortment of crystal clear announcements in Korean and a mix of
popular music - from 1300 tune in until 1400 tune out. For those looking
for their 1st Korean reception, this would likely be the one mid-band that
you would hear first.

1008Khz - 1317 UTC UNID VERY soft talking YL which may have been JJ based
on the lilt and cadence of the speaker - likely Japan.

1017khz - 1318 UTC NHK Japan (t) again with the soft talking JJ YL with
slightly better signal and level of intelligence - as the video will show,
this was all alone slightly later in the session - alas, music by itself.

1053Khz - 1305 -> 1400 S. Korea Jammer with distinctive 2-syllable rap -
"ity-ity-ity-ity-ity... or ditty, ditty, ditty...." One wonders why they
picked this one particular sound byte as the jamming sound-byte.

1098Khz - 1322UTC - UNID - Normally just a big open carrier (assume
Marshall Islands) but at this moment, Chinese opera - quite good at times
and in the clear. Nick also got this signal as well - A new one for me.

>From this point on and up the dial it was pretty lacking -- with a couple
of exceptions!

Lots of carriers and the occasional minute or two of intelligence on the
likes of; 1116 (EE leaning...) 1143 Chinese talk and music...

1206Khz - 1307 UTC - Hazard a guess at China with the fair-good Chinese
music - but muddy sounding speaking. Could have been Korean or Chinese.

Good carriers and occasional bursts of music or language - 1242, 1287 (JJ),
1323, 1386, 1440 (I swear I heard Japanese here at around 1350 while
passing by - but that means little...) 1566 - The Korean in all its glory
and 1575 almost equal to 1566 clearly in Lao (which after decades of
listening I can sort of differentiate from Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and

Despite a kind of late start to the season, things are shaping up pretty
good. This is my 3rd Fall in an actual DX location with a backyard after a
18 year absence of full fledged outdoor antenna based DXing. It is good to
have a small block of Earth to put up a decent antenna. It makes all the

The receiver here is the Drake R8 with a 7030+ and DX150B on stand-by.

Antenna - a W/NW "FLAG" 26' high 45' Long with the lower part of the "Flag"
at around 10'. Terminated with a remotely controlled VACTROL (which I make)
and an FLG100 Wellbrook head.

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *
<> and <> -
VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada
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