Listened from 1310 until around 13:50 when some T-Storms started popping up
within 100 miles or so.

What was fascinating (and this was likely coincidental) was while watching
the NHP fish barrel and hearing a couple
of regional lightning crashes -  the "pattern" on the FB took an almost
instant dive. Lightning, sprites, ionosphere; could be a connection I

*567 Khz* 1317Z NHK1 JOIK Hokkaido network programming (using as one of my
parallel spotters...) fr-gd

*594 Khz*  1318Z NHK1 JOAK Tokyo - solid // to 567 with network programming
- fr. gd.

*612 khz*  1350Z 4QR Brisbane - pretty typical English programming but NOT
exactly parallel to ABC 612 online - live stream

*621 khz* 1351Z 3RN *(t)* Melbourne - very *VERY* tentative with similar
sounding English programming in the limited LSR boost

*675 khz* 1319Z UNID - fairly clearly English programming in the mud and

*747 Khz* 1322Z NHK2 - JOIB - Sapporo, Hokkaido - Language lessons not near
as good as 774

*774 Khz* 1322Z NHK2 - JOUB - Akita - the powerhouse - also useful for
spotting other NHK2 parallels - it;s always there.

*828 Khz* 1323Z NHK2 - JOBB - Osaka - Typical Japanese programming - gd.

*873 Khz* 1324Z  NHK2 - JOAB - Kumamoto - easy and crisp // to 774 JOUB
Akita (Thank you dual VFO's on Drake R8!)

*891 Khz* 1325Z  NHK1 - JOHK - Sendai, Miyagi - crisp parallel to 594 Khz
with around a 5-10ms echo

*909 Khz* 1343Z NHK2 - JOCB - Nagoya, Aichi - easy parallel to 774 Khz

*918 Khz* 1342Z UNID X 2 - 2 stations at equal levels around 2-3 hz apart
duking it out.

*963 Khz* 1329Z CRI China (600kw) - Russian at pretty decent levels - as
shown in highlight reel

*972 Khz* 1331Z KBS HLCA - Korean at "domestic overwhelming" levels -  "
"   "   "   "

*1008 Khz* 1333Z UNID - Japanese in clearly with independent programming

*1017 Khz* 1334Z - CNR - China assume the pretty darn clear Korean
programming - on attached youtube video)

*1053 Khz* 1337Z - Korea S. - Jammer in pretty solid - no other programming
or competitors noted this AM

*1107 Khz* 1338Z - UNID - Japanese sounding patter by OM -

*1242 Khz* 1344Z - JOLF (t) Tokyo - assuming the hopped up dialog between
grown man and teenage girl announcers. fr.

*1287 Khz* 1345Z - JOHR (t) Hokkaido - assuming the commercial sounding
Japanese language talking

*1566 Khz* 1352Z - HLAZ - Korea - noted almost continually through the
session - although this was not much of an upper band session - Did not
note any oddities or jamming as Gary described - but was not looking for or
expecting anything.

Notable absent this AM - 1575 Khz - that said, there were good hets on some
of the X-Band channels -- and I have yet to hear anything much above 1611

RECEIVERS - Drake R8  //  AOR 7030+ //  DX150B //  NHP Fish Barrel spotter
   ANTENNAS - W/NW Flag + FLG100 (Wellbrook head) + my professionally made
VACTROL termination controllers -  --     Good listening!

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