No time for a full analysis, but just a semi-brief report from this
morning's SDR recording, which included audio from some unusual
frequencies.  I've only managed a few recordings this month, and missed the
big opening on the 16th.  10' x 18' Conti Superloop pointing 330 degrees.
Local sunrise around 1320UT.

First, I had some good carriers below 650 kHz, but I've been plagued by an
unknown noise source down there, so nothing doing.

693 fair audio at 1307UT and TOH pip at 1300UT
702 marginal audio at 1256UT
738 weak audio at 1256UT through the typical strong KCBS splatter
747 fair audio at 1205UT and other times; NHK2 EE lessons and TOH pip at
774 good audio at 1248UT; NHK2 EE lessons
828 too much splatter from 830
972 fair audio 1301UT
1053 marginal audio at 1236UT and other times
1566 weak audio 1235UT and other times

Visible carriers on every non-10kHz frequencies from 693-1053 kHz, and on
many higher frequencies.

Brian Rachford - Prescott, AZ
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