It seem like nothing kills the TAs like posting something to the list! Nice peak just after 0300, but by 0315 only a few whispers were left. Good while it lasted anyhow, although most of what I heard was unID.

864     unID    Traces of music at 0308.  Suspect Armenia.

891 unID Man talking at 0302, but too much 890 splatter to try and ID language. Noted music on a woodwind instrument of some type at 0308.

981     unID    Traces of audio at 0302 through 980 splatter

1053.02 Radio Iasi, ROMANIA     Pop music, confirmed // on web stream.

1179    unID    Traces of man talking at 0304 through 1180 splatter.

1386    unID    Talk by woman at 0312.

1413    unID    Traces of man talking at 0313.  Suspect Grigoriopol, Moldova.

1215, the normal "beacon" for TAs was way down the list this time. The opening seemed to favour more southeastern Europe. Certainly an interesting opening, though with a very abrupt end. I've seen similar before, usually coinciding with a solar upset, so will be interested to see if the numbers bear that out this time.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array
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