Sorry a day late, but didn't have a chance to look at the files until now.
Italy and Nigeria are new countries for me.


1. ITALY - RAI Radio 1 (Genoa) 1575 kHz 19 Sep 2016  0400-0403 UTC: early
sign on with ID at TOH, "RAI Radio Uno, buongiorno." into news. Fair-Good
with moderate SER in background.


2. SPAIN - SER Radio Castellon (Castellon) 1521 kHz 19 Sep 2016 0428-0433
UTC: no ID, time pips, SER Synchro only SS station on frequency. Good.


3. UNID PIRATE (Greece?) - 1629 kHz 0358-0403 UTC: I think that it's Gk mx,
announcements at TOH but I didn't think they were in Greek, if anyone has a
minute then please have a listen! Good-Very Good, SR in Greece. Rcdg from


4. NIGERIA - Radio Gotel Yola (Jabura) 917 kHz 19 Sep 2016 0358-0403 UTC: mx
then pips, pause, and ID at TOH, then news in EE. Fair, fading badly by
0402. Rcdg from 0359.





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