Awesome advice! This morning was *NOT* China friendly -- I count the
morning as China friendly when there is good audio on 1206, 1323 or 1593 --
and that was not the case this morning.

Mornings coming up will get extra special attention on 1566 khz for sure.

You married guys will love this *bonus tid-bit*:

My wife who is very radio savvy and supportive of my hobby actually "
*nagged*" me today (very gently) about getting my E/NE Flag up in the air
because "the season is getting on..."

Quoting Andrea, "*You need to get your 'North facing" antenna up if you are
going to stay competitive this fall season...*"

I kid you not.

Yup - Luckiest man in the radio Universe!

Good DX everyone

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 3:32 PM, <> wrote:

> Hi Colin,
> <<<
> * I encourage Gary to have a look at my crystal clear audio and video of
> HLAZ - I made numerous passes and each time and heard nothing unusual* -
> >>>
> I've listened to your HLAZ audio as requested, Colin. Did you have any
> audio or carrier from 1593-CNR1 at the time? As mentioned previously,
> unless you have at least some propagation from east China on the high band
> you are very unlikely to hear any signal from the presumed jammer, no
> matter how strong of a signal you have from 1566-HLAZ.
> During both mornings here there was a moderate carrier on 1593 at the same
> time as the 1566 jammer's signal was noted, and without any 1593 carrier
> you probably won't hear any jammer signal. Its propagation the to west
> coast follows east China patterns, which are much less favorable than
> 1566-HLAZ's propagation (especially when it beams to the east, during the
> Japanese service program). On both yesterday and this morning 1593-CNR1's
> carrier fizzled out after 1300 here, making the jammer also inaudible
> thereafter (although 1566-HLAZ was pretty strong by itself, as in your
> recording).
> 73, Gary

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