Terrible storm static to the north and east that only went away just before sunrise hampered hearing weak signals. Conditions seemed to be decent. I possibly heard Gary's pulsing tone on 1566 for several minutes. Details on the 1566 listing. All Asian. Good expanded band hets on 1611 (two), 1638, 1656, 1683 just before sunrise, almost some audio on 1611.

Steve AA7U

near Sahuarita, AZ

R75; 140' west DKAZ + FLG-100 preamp

567 very poor/poor 1308 utc

594 very poor/poor 1308

657 poor with martial music 1309

666 very poor/poor 1310

675 very poor 1311

747Japan poor 1312

774 Japan medium on peaks 1312

972 weak 1315

1053 Jammer poor 1234

1314 very poor/poor 1318

1566 HLAZ poor 1239 finally fading 1348. 1336 high pitched pulsing tone heard, weak, stronger than HLAZ audio, about one second intervals, fading away 1342. Wish I could have recorded it.

1575 presumed VOA poor 1238. Good modulation producing audio for a relatively weak het level. HLAZ needs much stronger het to produce audio.

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