Yes, mine sounded like yours, same approximate duration and cycle, though I thought my pitch was higher than yours. And I never had HLAZ very good today, though the pulser was somewhat stronger.


On 9/21/2016 8:25 AM, wrote:
Hi Steve,

<<< I possibly heard Gary's pulsing tone on 1566 for several
minutes. Details on the 1566 listing

1566 HLAZ poor 1239 finally fading 1348. 1336 high pitched pulsing tone
heard, weak, stronger than HLAZ audio, about one second intervals,
fading away 1342. Wish I could have recorded it. >>>

Thanks for investigating this. Here was the 1566 Jammer + HLAZ signal at 1255 
UTC this morning-- did your jammer sound anything like this, Steve?

73, Gary

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