Congratulations again to Richard for his reception of 702-2BL on a PL-380 
Ultralight and 8" FSL antenna in Oklahoma-- certainly a much greater 
accomplishment than anything I tracked down this morning. And thanks also to 
Steve for being the second TP-DXer to investigate and track down the 

There was plentiful Asian DX all over the band this morning, starting at 1255 
with another reception of the 1566 pulse-type jammer on HLAZ's signal. Like 
Steve, I had the jammer at a stronger level than HLAZ much of the time, and 
like the previous two days, I had a decent carrier on 1593 kHz at the time of 
the jammer's appearance. And also like the past two days, both the jammer and 
HLAZ took a plunge in signal strength around 1300. The low band came into high 
gear shortly after 1300, though, with 603-HLSA (fair), 657-Pyongyang (good) and 
738-BEL2 (fair) in and out for the rest of the session (in addition to the 
usual big guns on 594, 693,747, 828, 972 and 1053 at potent levels). Shortly 
before 1330 the Chinese mid-band stations on 1017, 1035 and 1044 came up in 
strength, with 1017-CRI's Korean service reaching its best level of the new 
season at 1326 (fair), and 1035-CNR1 and 1044-CRI both in and out at fair 
levels. 1134-KBS was also managing a good signal around this time, 
 with relative freedom from the Vancouver splatter. Late on around 1345 most of 
the Asians were packing it in, but 594-JOAK stuck around at a very potent level 
until 1350-- the strongest Asian on the band this morning. Overall the session 
was pretty exciting, and far above average for this month so far. 

603 HLSA Namyang, S. Korea Korean female announcer at fair level at 1307 (the 
KBS2 deep-voiced male seems to have retired prior to this season) 

657 Pyongyang BS Pyongyang, N. Korea Female chorus singing the dictator's 
praises at good level at 1304; in and out at this level all session long 

1017 CRI Changchun, China Korean service female announcer at fair level at 
1326; best signal yet of the new season here 

1566 Jammer + HLAZ The Jammer had a slight edge over HLAZ at 1255 this morning 
(similar to what Steve reported). This is the third day in a row that the 
Jammer has appeared here, with typical TP-DX propagation patterns (fading in 
and out, in slightly different cycles than HLAZ). As in the previous two 
sessions, a moderate carrier from 1593-CNR1 was around at the time of the 
Jammer's reception, but both nosedived after 1300 here. 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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