Asian signals were superb this morning, with variety and strength similar to an 
ocean coast session. Another generous enhancement produced exceptional low and 
mid band signals, and the new 1566-Jammer was back again to pester HLAZ on the 
high band. 

At the 1250 start of my session the primary focus was on 1566, where the Jammer 
and HLAZ were both strong at various times (and 1593-CNR1 was again around, at 
a weak audio level). The Jammer occasionally had the edge, but it was fading in 
and out in slightly different cycles than HLAZ's Japanese service. After 1300 
both signals took their customary dive, though (as has happened on the past 4 
days). After 1300 some exceptional signals started coming in from the Chinese 
low and mid-band stations, with 603-China (Hulun Buir?), 738-BEL2 and the 
1035-CNR1 synchros all managing their best audio of the new season. There was 
also a Chinese-inflected voice under 657-Pyongyang's bizarre music around 1323, 
maybe Henan (as has been heard on the ocean coast)? 603-HLSA's Korean female 
host (apparently the replacement for KBS2's deep-voiced male) was also 
unusually strong, and both 1017-CRI and 1044-CRI joined 1035-CNR1 with fair 
audio in and out during sunrise enhancement. With so many obs
 cure Asians showing it was a wild and wacky session, and there really wasn't 
any time to check the usual big gun TP signals (except for 1566-HLAZ, in its 
fight with the Jammer). I hope everyone enjoyed the session! 

603 China Hulun Buir? Chinese female speech at equal level with HLSA's music at 

603 HLSA Namyang, S. Korea New Korean female host (apparent replacement for 
KBS2's deep-voiced male) at good level at 1316 

657 Pyongyang BS Pyongyang, N. Korea Tirade woman at good level on her daily 
rant at 1321 

657 China? Chinese inflected voice occasionally under Pyongyang's bizarre music 
at 1323 

738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Chinese female variety show host at temporary good 
level at 1316 
Chinese pop music at good level at 1338 

1566 Jammer + HLAZ New pulse jammer and HLAZ's Japanese Christian service 
fighting it out at 1254; observed for fourth day in a row here. As in all 
previous receptions, propagation from east China was noted by reception of 
1593-CNR1 (this time at a weak audio level). Hiroyuki Okamura of Yokosuka, 
Japan says that this new jammer has been around for about a week 

73 and Good DX. 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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