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All times and dates strictly UT [4 hours ahead of `ELT` during EDT; when 
changing times one must also change the dates for events in the 00-04 UT period 
to the previous date by ELT].

Rx: mostly DX-398 with internal antenna only or PL-880; NRD-545 with ALA-330S 
inside E-W or inside randomwire N-S; Nissan stock caradio as specified; IC-R75 
with E-W longwire

These logs are excerpts from my daily all-band reports, mainly SWBC, also 
VHF/UHF, sometimes, utility, ham, which may be found in several archives 
without much delay, such as

And compiled weekly along with extensive news from many other individuals and 
publications in DX LISTENING DIGEST:

All my MW DX reports starting August 2011 are archived in this forum with open 

These logs are in four sections, Canada [if any], Oklahoma [if any], rest of 
USA, unidentified [if any], separated by ======= Within each, they are in 
frequency order 

** OKLAHOMA. 594, that mystery carrier around here, masquerading as the 
megawatt from Kolkata, I am continuing my search for its source. Sept 16 after 
19 UT, since it seems to DF from the south rather than the north, I drive to 
the south side of Enid, and take Southgate Blvd eastward. I stop every mile to 
take a DF on the DX-398 --- at intersexions with Streets 30, 42, 54, 66, 78 --- 
and each time I can tell it`s getting closer to N/S from the original NNW/SSE I 
had been getting in central and northern Enid. This confirms it is indeed from 
the south side. Finally at 1942 UT, past Woodring Airport and Koch Nitrogen, 
when I reach 90th Street, it`s just about due south. That`s enough for today; 
unfortunately 90 is a dirt road I prefer to avoid, but maybe back when it`s not 
too dry and not too wet, or approach it from the other side, and/or get some 
more fixes on it from other angles to triangulate. I`m still getting no signals 
on 297 or 198 kHz, whence beacons might have been producing harmonic. 594 so 
far is perhaps only slightly stronger than I am getting it further north (Glenn 

** OKLAHOMA. 930, Sept 18 at 1252, WKY OKC`s undominatable (indominable?) banda 
music is suffering IADs every few seconds (intermittent audio dropouts). No one 
aware at station? No one at station? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1000, Sept 18 at 0143 UT, KTOK OKC is in baseball, and it`s 
Dodgers! Half a continent away from L. A., but with ad for CHLA.org and talking 
about Dodgers, but whence? Finally, ``here in Phœnix``. One week ago in Kansas 
City, KAZ asked me if KTOK carried Dodgers, as he was hoping he was getting one 
of the Californians on 1000. I thought KTOK unlikely, but there it is (Glenn 

** OKLAHOMA. Re my report that KTOK 1000 OKC carried Dodgers baseball on UT 
Sunday Sept 11, Neil Kazaross replies, ``Yep, I did some googling and OKC's 
minor league teams is the Dodgers affiliate so this may explain KTOK. 73 and 
thx KAZ PS hoping some TP audio can make it to you.``

It never occurred to me that there could be a Dodgers BB team other than the 
one in Los Ángeles. You may find it incredible that an Okie resident would not 
know the name of the MiLB team in OKC, but I consider it a badge of honor as I 
detest stupid ballgames and all the wasted attention and $$$$$$$$$$$ they 
attract. I only have to deal with them in connexion with radio logs. I also 
avoid the sports segments on local TV newscasts, but must say I have never 
noticed anything about the OKC Dodgers in football-crazy Oklahoma. BTW, I`m all 
for physical-fitness, just not watching/idolizing others with it (Glenn Hauser, 


** U S A. 720, Sept 17 at 1214 UT, as XEJCC Juárez is fading out, something in 
English from E/W, talking about César Chávez and Harvey Milk; 1217 UT several 
ads to 1221 UT fading with toll-free numbers, starting with anti-IRS Tax 
Shield. Hard to see how this could be anything but KDWN Las Vegas NV --- 
nothing else out there {besides Kauai . . .} on 720. Per

Scheduled Saturday at 3:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. [PDT = 1000-1300 UT]:
``The Jerry Doyle Show is a mix of politics, pop culture and current events. 
Doyle’s strong opinions, diverse background and quick wit can appeal to all 
listening audiences. The real Jerry Doyle is not far removed from the character 
that he played, as they both uphold high standards, are outspoken and live with 
vivid pasts``

50/50 kW KDWN is supposed to aim a deep cardioid null toward Chicago at night, 
and mostly toward me, while daytime is non-direxional. Official FCC sunrise in 
September is 1315 UT (October: 1345 UT). I do occasionally hear them around 
sunrise here, always wondering if they are really on ND day pattern (Glenn 

** U S A. Based on a later log Sept 6 and Greg Hardison`s info, I think this 
one must also have been WMGC in Murfreesboro TN, rather than KSWV Santa Fe NM, 
off the hook:

``810, August 1 at 0215 UT, romantic music in Spanish loops east-west, which 
rules out México and makes it very likely New Mexico`s KSWV Santa Fe. Dominant 
signal making fast SAH with something, CO or MO? Segués 0216 UT, 0220 UT with 
no announcements at all, but the final tune cut short at 0221 UT to dead air, 
0223 UT off the air. Or rather maybe cut from 5000 to 10 watts night power U1 
per NRC AM Log. FCC official July sunset was 0215 UT; August: 0200 UT`` 

** U S A. 840, Re my Sept 15 log of KVJY Pharr TX, whether it`s Informativo RG 
or La Luz? Apparently neither now:

Hi Glenn, here's some more info about 840. I had Ultra 104.9 ID's in K.C.
73 KAZ (Neil Kazaross, IL, ABDX via DXLD)

** U S A. 890, Sept 22 at 1218 UT, with KTLR OKC nulled, understation mentions 
southern Utah, USU, ``here on KDXU``, i.e. St George, 10/10 kW U2, at sunrise 
here, so should still be on night pattern with a cardioid null toward Chicago 
--- we are somewhat off that bearing, but still not getting much from KDXU 
unless it`s really ND day pattern.

(More interesting was what KTLR was talking about: Pepsi fighting California 
over having to label its soda as containing carcinogens, i.e. caramel coloring 
--- and Coca Cola manages to use acceptably less of it.) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. 940, Sept 18 at 0149 UT, big dominant signal with no QRM, like this 
is a clear channel --- wait, it *is* supposed to be a clear channel. Bunch of 
ads, finally a local one for something in Gretna, and 0150 UT ID as ``Amen 940 
with fresh new music now!`` --- gospel music, that is. It`s WYLD, New Orleans, 
with both day and night lobes this way, but sure sounds more like 10000 than 
500 watts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. UNIDENTIFIED. 1060, Sept 19 at 1208 UT, ``buenos días`` song, loops 
WSW, makes fast SAH with others, perhaps KIJN Farwell TX, which John Johnson, 
AZ, reports hearing again; had been off for a year or two, but before that was 
also significantly off-frequency. QRM from another SS talking at 1213 UT. 
Probably getting both KIJN and KXPL El Paso TX, but no definite ID yet for 
either. Last time I logged any audio from KIJN was Oct 7, 2014 as in the DXLD 
16-37 résumé (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1060, Sept 20 at 0131 UT, praise music in Spanish with slight edge 
over the CCI; 0134 ID as ``KIJN, desde Farwell, Tejas --- testimonios, 
adoración``, website and postal address, ``y mil bendiciones``. Call letters 
pronounced in Spanish. Not exactly a gringo accent, but not true Mexican accent 
either. {Tainted by evangelism, as also infects native-English speakers.} So 
confirmed reactivated after almost two years. Is 10 kW daytimer, slightly 
directional circular pattern favoring the WNW, but plenty this way too. Guess 
what? Official FCC sunset for KIJN in September was 0100 UT (October: 0015 UT). 
Back to their old trix; will carrier and/or modulation stay on all night? 

** U S A. 1060+, Sept 20 at 0558 UT, praise music in Spanish about a mujer, 
from WSW making fast SAH and I can tell this one is offset to the hi side of 
1060; 0603 UT ID as ``KIJN, 1060 AM, Farwell, Texas, donde el espíritu 
[vive?]``. So just as I suspected when hearing it a few hours earlier but 
definitely after sunset, this 10 kW daytimer is once again running all-night. 
(With God on their side, it`s fine to violate the Laws of Man! After all, they 
are doing it In Jesus` Name. But, really: WWJD???) 1060, Sept 21 at 0609 UT, 24 
hours after last log, there KIJN is again, same fast SAH and praise music 

** U S A. 1170, Sept 16 at 0221 UT, KFAQ Tulsa with talk, and can`t detect any 
gospel huxter understation, so seems as if WWVA Wheeling is back in whack, 
finally fixed its night pattern to protect us from it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. 1170, Sept 20 at 0128 UT, KFAQ Tulsa once again has gospel huxter 
undercurrent, so WWVA OH is back to out-of-whack pattern not protecting us from 
it, altho had not been audible last few nights. At 0130 UT both of them go to 
news headline break (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1480, Sat Sept 17 at 1228 UT, nothing but KQAM Wichita with `Garden 
Wise Guys`` about how to combat webworms: spray entire trees early. Not a hint 
of 50 kW KBXD Dallas with its new South Asian format as heard a few days ago, 
so must be gone again. Confirming The Metroplex is still propagating by skywave:

1440, Sept 17 at 1230 UT, dead air; 1232 UT comes to life as Arturo welcomes an 
abogada guest, wishing each other and us ``buenas tardes`` so hardly live but 
call-in phone is Dallas, 214-787-1440, i.e. 50 kW KTNO (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. 1480, Sept 18 at 1239 UT, South Asian songs, so KBXD Dallas is back 
on the air this morning, making 160/minute SAH (= two and two thirds Hz) with 
talker KQAM Wichita KS, and more or less separable from it by mutual nulling 

** U S A. 1520, Sept 20 at 0123 UT, ``Sports-radio 1520 The Ticket`` ID audible 
under KOKC OKC just as I tune in; the usual cheatin` KOLM Rochester MN, 
10000/800 watts really messing up KOKC, which has degraded itself from 
50000/50000 watts U2 as listed in the NRC AM Log 2016, to perpetual(?) STA of 
10000/10000 U1 --- are they ever going to repair their antennas? (Glenn Hauser, 

Todd Skaine, MN/IA, says KOLM is running night power at day, but this is surely 
day power at night; maybe totally reversed? (gh)

** U S A. 1540, Sunday Sept 18 at 1244 UT, guy talking about Yahweh, sure 
sounds like defunct Elder Jacob O Meyer. One hardly needs WMLK [which is now 
reactivated on 9275, Sun-Fri 16-21 UT]. Reminds me of this log last year as in 
DXLD 15-44 (on the first day of standard time accounting for the one-hour 
difference in today`s log):

``1540, Nov 1 at 1331 UT, Elder Jacob O Meyer is speaking on
`the Sacred Name Telecast [sic]`, also on radio and has own ``SW radio
station here at Bethel, Pennsylvania``. EJOM is sounding quite
vivacious, considering he is dead since 2010.

This loops NE/SW and is surely KXEL Waterloo IA, still in on skywave
half a sesquihour after sunrise here. Yes, on the SNB radio log at:

Which however is amusingly outdated, a page from their magazine of two
years ago, and it was outdated even then. Of only five US domestic
stations, KXEL`s time shown as Sunday 11:30-12:00 pm = ambiguously
meaning morning instead of night?``

Has that info been updated now, 10.5 months later? Of course not! Still dated 
35 months ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


UNIDENTIFIED. 990, Sept 21 at 1222 UT, Spanish station discussing some event in 
El Paso, with person on phone ---- but there is no El Paso/Juárez station on 
this frequency. Closest in Chihuahua, not very, is Cuauhtémoc, closest in USA 
is Artesia NM, not SS. XECL in Mexicali really gets out, so maybe this was it 
referring to a concert. Loops westward rather than southward, too late for XET 
Monterrey (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Re the JBA carriers I have been getting around 1480.83 and 
1499.17, Terry Krueger replies, but does not conclude as I do that they are 
related matching spurs out of some 1490 station in between:

1480.82, UNIDENTIFIED, 0923 UT September 17, 2016. Big het, roughly N/S. Also 
heard by Glenn Hauser in Oklahoma, as reported in DXN 83-20. Presume domestic, 
with no audio ever making it. This has been here a long time from my 

1499.18, UNIDENTIFIED, 1002 September 18, 2016. Someone domestic way 
off-frequency, reported by Glenn Hauser from Oklahoma in DXN 83-20, and also 
heard by David Crawford in Titusville, FL. Seemingly threshold Urban Gospel 
vocals audio squeaking through briefly. Loops roughly NNW/SSE for me (Terry 
Krueger, Clearwater FL, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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