*This morning was very impressive indeed - I would imagine coastal regions
of B.C., Washington, Oregon and California would have been swamped with
signals -*

*YouTube Reel - *https://youtu.be/ah_MmFg1tIA

Reluctant to admit it but today would have been a good time for a full-band
SDR recording around local sunrise to pick through the cherries later.

*1008 Khz* 1335Z - CNR - China - (T) Chinese programming at fair to good
levels at times

*1017 Khz* 1319Z - CNR - China - Korean programming – and back even louder
at 1335

*1026 Khz* 1326Z - China - regional (T) - China - Straight on Chinese
programming at good levels

*1044 Khz* 1327Z - CRI - China - (T) scheduled as Japanese but sounded more
Chinese to me - getting knocked about by splash

*1053 Khz* 13xxZ - Korea S. - Multiple passes this morning revealed a
markedly lacklustre signal from the jammer - but always there without fail

*1098 Khz* 1327Z - *UNID* - Talk in unid language - followed by stronger
open-carrier as LSR approached

*1107 Khz* 1328Z - *UNID* - and at 1336 pretty good at times with musical
content - but did not hang around for intelligence

*1134 Khz* 1329Z - *UNID* - sounding Japanese on a quick pass up the band

*1179 Khz* 1334Z - *UNID* - clear sounding Chinese talk

*1242 Khz* 1338Z - JOLF (t) Tokyo - intensified towards 1355Z with
commercial Japanese programming - one of the most reliable commercial
Japanese upper band signals

*1287 Khz* 13xxZ - JOHR (t) Hokkaido - Commercial sounding Japanese
language talking - entire session

*1386 Khz* 1353Z - NHK2 Various locations - easy // 774 Khz during the  LSR

*1566 Khz* 13--Z - HLAZ - Korea -  Frequent stops looking for the
mysterious jammer - and this would of been a good morning to hear something
"off" - no such luck

hearing anything untoward - that said, during the odd time that 1566 Korea
would dive, there sounded like some IBOC remnants here or a kind of steady
throbbing sounds

*1575 Khz* 1347Z - VOA (t) Thailand - Assuming the Lao speaker here at good

*1593 Khz* 1352Z - UNID - held some promise on couple of passes but never
delivered more than burbles of words and music in the splash.

Bonus mysteries - there were no shortage of audible signals on unfamiliar
channels this AM - overall, the dial belonged to the TP's from 558 through
1287 khz - not a spectacular upper band opening

by any stretch. From the Part 1 of the report, the hots spots were: 558 to
603, 747 to 792, *819 to 972* pretty much continuously, *1008 through 1053*,
1089 through 1116, etc

This is trans pacific DXIng at its finest!

*Receiver this AM - Drake R8*

*2nd - AOR 7030+*

*Antenna W/NW Flag at 279 degrees TRUE*

*ALA100 N/S *

*Spotter - Nick Hall-Patch Online Fish-Barrel  -- **YouTube Reel - *

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *Coffeecrew.com
<http://www.Coffeecrew.com> and DXer.ca <http://www.DXer.ca> -
VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada
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