ON October 6th 1996 (almost 20 years ago) Nick Hall-Patch and I were on a
logging road on the West coast of Vancouver Island - running
a terminated beverage (if I recall correctly) being somewhere around 1500'
in length and little more than 5' above the ground.

Here was my single morning logbook from that day.

Interesting how some things have changed and others... not so much.

JORDAN RIVER October 6 1996


Receiver: DX440 Radio Shack     KENWOOD R2000 (stand-by) 1200' Beverage


*153 Khz* 0752 Russia FE-Komsomolsk RR talk and music in and out of the
mud. Huge strength by 1250 UTC // to 279khz and 234khz

*180 Khz* 0805 Russia Petropavlovsk 180khz usual mix of chatter & lite
Russian pops  // 234khz at the time. Fair to good.

*234 Khz* 0730 Russia FE-Siberia RR talk and lite-pop music down in the
mud--way up in strength by 0800  pr-fr

*279 Khz* 0815 Russia FE-Yukhno-Sakhalin By far the pick of the morning w/
loud Russian Tom Jones wanna-bees. gd-exc up to 1200 UTC

*576 khz* 0845 Japan Kagoshima JOHG  more of the same network-1 stuff  up
and down the dial-- excellent levels!

*657* *Khz* 1300 Korea DPR Sabre-rattling KK diatribe up to hour.. Used to
hear this all the time in Victoria when it was a MW - much quieter
now--Huge signal however. Gd to exc+

*693 Khz* 1052 Japan Tokyo JOAB NHK2 politely pushing CBU-690 "out of the
way" w/ more of the endless and tiresome network NHK-stuff. Exc levels

*747 Khz* 0755 Japan JOIB Sapporo Off the scale w/ JJ OM talk //774

*837 Khz* 1249 China PR finally a big mainlander w/ BEIJING opera--

*855 Khz* 1254 Korea DPRK martial harangue over-top of growl on channel -

*864 Khz* 1220 Unid - looking for India, this LANG speaker caught our
attention. This was one channel that we were paying close attention to.

*873 Khz* 1247 Russia FE-regional HUGE w/ Beatles Maxwell Silver
Hammer!! Amazing! One of the loudest Russians all night .. gd-exc++

*954 Khz* 0842 Japan Tokyo JOKR - One of the 'all-nighters' w/ the usual
rounds of animated JJ chatter and music-- fr-gd.

*963 Khz* 1245 Russia FE-regional not sure of the location but have heard
this from Victoria-- fr.gd on peaks w/ RR YL chatter

*972 Khz* 1201 Korea HLCA The big ticket signal of the morning w/ soft-KK
YL talk and background music-- never faded out ... exc+++ levels

*1008 Khz* 1058UTC Japan Osaka JONR ABC-radio HUGE JJ speakers and
music--all started sounding the same after a while.

*1053 Khz* 1210 South Korea Jammers Hyper-loud echo-jammers here most of
the morning.

*1125 Khz* 1159 Unid - no idea what the lang-spkr here up to the hour on
top of a jumble of signals-- pr-fr.

*1134 Khz* 0742 UTC Japan  Tokyo JOQR chatter and pop music w/o adj.channel
interference. fr.

*1134 Khz* 1103 UTC S.Korea Hwasong KBS Giant but sombre KK OM yakking over
JOQR Tokyo-- a real battle for this channel would shortly ensue.

*1143 Khz* 1115UTC Philippines Poro VOA English/Cantonese lessons at
monster levels here fighting it out w/ god knows who--

The single most crowded channel on the dial..Taiwan, China, Japan fighting
it out ..

*1152 Khz* 1157 Japan one heck of a mess of stuff w/ JJ talk surfacing from
time to time.. overall, very loud..

*1152 Khz* 0810 Japan NHK2 Syncros JJ spooky vocals // 774,747,828 et al

*1179 Khz* 1110 Japan Osaka JOOR Fast JJ stock market sounding OM creaming
1180. fr.gd levels most of the morning.

*1206 Khz* 1155 Taiwan CBS periodic snippets in the wrestling match on this
channel-- one more of the cluttered ones that was usually little more than
a rumble of sub-audible hets and growls..

*1287 Khz* 0840 Japan Sapporo JOHR extra-huge JJ OM speaker here gd-exc++

*1305 Khz* 1129 Korea KBS  KK talk over & under the jumble here. pr-fr

*1314 Khz* 1127 Japan JOUF Osaka 1314khz assume the deep fading JJ speaker
alone here-- fr-exc. levels

*1332 Khz* 1125 Japan JOSF Nagoya assume the animated JJ sports talk way
over top of 1330 QRM-- huge signal and only one here..

*1386 Khz* 0812 Japan NHK2 Syncros Huge levels // to network-2 w/ mix of
local music--by far one of the loudest "low-power" NHK2 channels. gd-exc+

*1413Khz* 1150 Japan JOIF Fukuoka JJ talk dominating an otherwise cluttered
channel-- fr.

*1422 Khz* 1147 Japan JORF Yokohama - Assume the JJ talker up and down in
the mud..pr.

*1548 Khz* 1120 Australia Emerald 4QD assume the EE/Aussie-accented talk
here-- the only evidence here of DU reception-- this same channel a
graveyard-like jumble by 1220UTC

*1593 Khz* 1140 Japan NHK2 Massive signal w/ usual JJ OM  up to 1225UTC-
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