A good morning here. The Asians were a bit stronger, which didn't result in a lot more audio, but certainly lots more strong carriers, and more impressive signals from the big guns. Another interesting morning from Australia on the X-band too. In my experience Aussie X-band action doesn't coincide with strong Asians, but I'm not complaining!

567     JOIK    Sapporo, JAPAN  Man talking in Japanese at 1247

585     unID                    Man talking at 1248

594 JOAK Tokyo, JAPAN Fair signal, with men conversing in Japanese at 1231.

639     unID                    Traces of audio with talk at 1248

693    JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Fair with English lesson at 1242.

702 unID Just heard the time pips at 1300. For a change not ABC ones, but I think NHK style.

747    JOIB    Sapporo, JAPAN    Good with English lesson at 1243.

774 JOUB Akita, JAPAN Good with into to English lesson at 1231 (today was Lesson 76).

828 JOBB Osaka, JAPAN Fair through IBOC noise with English lesson at 1232.

972 HLCA Dangjin, KOREA Nothing earlier on, but rose out of the mud with talk by man at 1250, and quickly gained strength, being good level by 1255.

1071    unID                    Traces of audio at 1255

1116    4BC     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA    Fair with talk programming at 1245.

1287 JOHR Sapporo, JAPAN Poor, with talk by man and woman in Japanese at 1246.

1314    unID                            Woman talking at 1249   

1386    NHK2, JAPAN     Traces of talk at 1245, //774 etc.

1548    4QD     Emerald, AUSTRALIA      ABC fanfare and into news by a man at 

1566 HLAZ Cheju, KOREA Korea back in charge on this frequency today, with man in Japanese and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" music at 1230. Second only to JOUB in strength this morning.

1611 unID AUSTRALIA Traces of woman talking at 1246. Stronger by 1258, and sounded like the same woman as yesterday, so likely Vision again.

1628.99 unID AUSTRALIA Man talking qt 1250, but too weak to even guess at language.

1629.03 Rete Italia AUSTRALIA Bits of man talking at 1250. Strong enough at 1300 to be able to // pips and time check on webstream.
Like 1611 Vision, this one has multiple transmitters on the channel.

1656    unID    AUSTRALIA       Very weak, but bits of music every so often.

1701 unID AUSTRALIA Almost exactly like yesterday, with a mess of multiple off-freq carriers and bits of audio.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array
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