Inspired by the ocean cliff transoceanic propagation observed at the Rockwork 4 
site in July, a group of Japanese DXers set up at a similar ocean cliff site in 
Chiba Prefecture on September 21, hoping for enhanced propagation from stations 
in North, Central and South America. Two of these DXers (Hiroo Nakagawa and 
Satoshi Miyauchi) were our DXpedition partners at Rockwork 4 in July. 

One of the Japanese DXers (Fumiaki Minematsu, an NHK broadcasting engineer) has 
posted a detailed list of the North American stations he received during the 
ocean cliff DXpedition on his Perseus-SDR, complete with MP3 links of the 
signals. For those interested, his blog is posted at

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 

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