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Chuck, Tom, and I braved the wind and rain for a Grayland expedition this 
weekend.   The results have been rather interesting so far, with many Filipinos 
logged this morning: 846 900 990 999 1017 1062 1188 and 1314.   Hopefully some 
others will be added to the list after we dig into the recordings.
Asians were so-so.   China was almost nonexistent.  Korea and Japan were mostly 
limited to the big guns we hear at home, plus a few others like 639 & 918.  
1143 Taiwan was good at times.
DU's were plentiful.  Marshall's 1098 was quite nice until 1130 signoff.  The 
Aussies  on 612 621 702 792 729 891 1116 and 1548 had huge signals at times.  A 
few others had good signals as well, such as 1026 and 1152.  4CH-603 also made 
a surprise appearance //1548.   Kiwis were a bit erratic and weak.
Hopefully the DKAZ will remain intact after today's weather blows through.

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