Asian signals improved significantly this morning as several second-tier TP's 
joined the usual Japanese and Korean big guns during sunrise enhancement. 
738-BEL2 was the star performer of the session here, managing its best signal 
of the season so far (good) with Chinese pop music and male speech at 1414. 

At my 1330 start time during the predawn darkness the usual NHK and Korean big 
guns on 594, 693, 747, 774, 828, 972, 1053 and 1566 were in and out at good 
levels (like yesterday), but this morning there were also modest signals from 
738-BEL2 (poor to fair), 1044-CRI (fair) and 1134-JOQR (fair). Around 1350 
these were joined by 603-HLSA (also fair) and a presumed 657-Pyongyang (poor). 
With increasing daylight after 1400 the signal from 738-BEL2 rose up pretty 
dramatically to its best level of the season with good-level Chinese pop music 
around 1412. The Japanese and Korean big guns didn't seem to get a similar 
boost, though, and by 1420 even the sole survivor 972-HLCA was sinking down 
into the noise. 738-BEL2 had been somewhat of an underperformer this season 
until this morning (along with 603-HLSA), failing to match its typical strength 
during September and October. 

738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Chinese pop music and male Chinese speech at temporary 
good level at 1414; best level of the season so far 

73 and Good DX, 
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight + 
15" FSL antenna 

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