HLAZ has never done a great job with their website and schedule updates, though 
it seems to be top-notch since FEBC redid their websites rather recently. I 
still haven't listened to the stream due to being asleep whenever I should 
remember it, but the website was never updated accordingly. I wonder if this is 
just a temporary schedule change with the Olympics and diplomacy and whatnot - 
sort of throwing shade at the north for all that is happening now, though given 
FEBC in Incheon, which has always run both RFA and VOA, though for almost the 
entire night, the change really is no surprise. I guess we'll wait and see. My 
check of all radio news and local and world news in English and Korean 
yesterday yielded absolutely zero results.

As for jammers, Pyongyang has always been on 1566 and that sound should break 
through easily if you're getting any piece of it. It's parallel the massive 
jammer on 1467 in Haeju. You can find numerous clips of both jammers, which I 
lived close to, on my website and floating around wherever I've been (any links 
posted to here in the past are long-since broken I'm sure). But interestingly, 
1188, though about 20 miles from the border with VOA and RFA, has never been 
jammed that I was aware of. I could hear the 972 jammer from atop the downtown 
skyscrapers in Seoul; if 1188 was jammed, I'd have heard it. So with all the 
inconsistencies, who knows what's going on or their intent. I'm basically out 
of the DX scene now, so aside from helping out out of boredom, I'll leave 
investigation up to those who can hear it.

-Chris Kadlec
 Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:52:11 -0500
From: Bill Whitacre <b...@his.com>
Subject: Re: [IRCA] 1566 HLAZ now with VOA

I can confirm that RFA and VOA are now being relayed on 1566kHz via HLAZ, Jeju, 
South Korea.  RFA is on 1000-1100utc and VOA is on 1700-1800utc.

Bill Whitacre
IBB Monitoring

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