Today's DX was relatively OK, with a bunch of second tier stations making their appearances.  Nothing spectacular was noted today, just the usual stuff.

As has been the case with most openings lately, conditions died down after 1330 (an hour before sunrise) and were mostly limited to the low end of the dial.

558    S KOREA 1248 weak music, 1252 fair Korean man and woman

567    JAPAN JOIK 1304 Japanese man //594, 1323 good w/discussion

585    JAPAN 1326 poor w/female vocal /594

594    JAPAN, JOAK 1242 good w/Japanese discussion

603    S KOREA, 1302 Korean talk fair-poor

612    JAPAN JOLK 1309 poor talk //594

657    N KOREA 1235 woman in Korean

666    JAPAN JOBK 1303 man in Japanese

693    JAPAN JOAB 1253 Japanese woman fair w/much CBU splat

747    JAPAN, JOIB 1240 woman //774 good

756    CHINA, CNR1 1242 Chinese talk poor //981

774    JAPAN JOUB 1233 woman in Japanese good, quite strong by 1243

819    N KOREA 1202 orchestral music fair in KGNW splat, 1233 emphatic woman  in Korean

828    JAPAN JOBB 1238 Japanese woman fair //774

972    S KOREA 1218 fast talking man in Korean, sounded like he was announcing a sporting event

981    CHINA CNR1, 1244 Chinese talk fair battling CKNW splatter

1287    JAPAN, JOHR presumed, 1156 weak music surfaced briefly

1422    JAPAN, JORF, 1216 Japanese woman fair-poor

1566    S KOREA, HLAZ 1230 good ID by man mentioning FEBC, kHz and HLAZ, then Christian program w/organ & woman ancr

1575    THAILAND, VOA, 1256 fr-poor man in SE Asia language

Bruce in Seattle

Elad FDM-S2, 10x40 ft flag

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