There were lots of Asians from one end of the dial to the other today.  I couldn't detect any consistent reception patterns, they all seemed to fade up whenever they felt like it.  Some stayed around to well past 1400, especially at the upper end of the dial.

567    JAPAN JOIK fair 1158 Japanese male

594    JAPAN JOAK 1200 time pips, NHK mentioned then news by man good

666    JAPAN JOB 1250 female pop song //594 fair-poor, then male talk

693    JAPAN JOAB 1206 English lesson good //747

738    TAIWAN (tentative) 1217 Chinese woman poor in splatter

747    JAPAN JOIB 1206 English lesson good

756    CHINA CNR1, 1207 Chinese talk poor //981

774    JAPAN JOUB English lesson 1209

819    N KOREA 1247 bits of talk cutting through KGNW splatter

828    JAPAN JOBB 1205 English lesson, said it was "lesson 206" fair

837    UNID 1231 weak woman talking, not //594 so either S Korea or China

855    UNID 1235 weak talk

972    S KOREA 1157 animated discussion good

945    CHINA CNR1 1311 poor Chinese talk //981

981    CHINA CNR1 1229  fair Chinese talk, time tones at 1230

1116    CHINA, unid, 1241 weak Chinese talk

1188    JAPAN, 1303 Japanese talk //594

1206    CHINA (presumed) 1407 weak talk

1287    JAPAN, JOHR 1247 Japanese woman fair

1323    CHINA CRI 1306 woman in Russian fair-poor in 1320 splat

1377    CHINA CNR1 (tentative) 1350 pour talk, appeared to be //981 but not 100% sure

1386    JAPAN NHK2 1250 very poor, same voices as 774 English lesson

1422    JAPAN JORF 1232 Japanese talk poor in splatter, fair w/male talk 1253

1503    JAPAN JOUK 1218 Japanese talk fair-poor //594.  Better 1438 w/Japanese talk after 594 had faded out

1512    UNID 1438 fair carrier, occasional syllables of talk in domestic splatter.

1566     S KOREA HLAZ 1245 good w/religious program in Japanese

1575    THAILAND, VOA 1259 fair w/closing anmt in unid language, mentioned  Not noted 1300-1325 so possibly off or pattern change.  Back 1326:30-1328 with 1 kHz tone, then apparent OC.  Seemed to have very weak audio starting 1330, fading up w/man in SE Asia language 1333, still producing audio 1440

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