A bit of a frustrating morning.  Lots of carriers very close to audio, but
not quite delivering.

pretty darn good audio (all of it understandable by a native speaker, at
least briefly):

594 JOAK man with weather report 1414UT
747 JOIB Chinese lessons 1350UT
774 JOUB English lessons 1406UT
828 JOBB Chinese lessons 1342UT
1575 VoA man in SE Asian language 1419UT VoA ID at 1429UT, though weaker.
Also pop music underneath, likely AFN, though Farda sunset about this time
also (but didn't match Farda stream)

Reasonable audio  at  times during the period (much of it understandable by
a native speaker, though often battling w/splash or noise):

693 JOAB woman in Japanese 1410UT
972 HLCA woman in Korean 1341UT
1566 HLAZ man in Chinese, but pop vocal underneath also 1422UT

not so reasonable audio, occasional words or phrases in splash or noise
could be understood by a native speaker:

567 JOIK man talking //594 1351UT
891 JOHK man talking //594 1348UT
945 CNR1 likely, man  and woman in Chinese 1349UT
1503 JOUK NHK1 interlude music 1415UT

Burbles in the splatter and noise (if lucky, language might be guessed at
by cadence of talk, or parallel established by changes in talk or music)

531 JOQG man talking //594 1350UT, then something else faded in its place
558 HLQB woman talking seemed //with weak 603
603 soft repetitious music 1340UT maybe HLSA
603 unID, man talking Chinese intonation 1354UT
666 sounded like  Japanese  but not //594 which had weather report at this
time 1414UT
756 man talking, sounded Chinese 1352UT
873 JOGB Chinese lesson //774 1347UT
981 man talking sounded Chinese 1344UT
1242 slow vocal music 1412UT
1287 woman and man talking rapidly, Japanese? 1358UT
1323 woman talking, Russian perhaps,1408UT

Strongish het, no or "near imaginary" audio (either undermodulated or
ravaged by splatter)
 639 657 702 738 819 837  855 864 909 918 936  954 963   1017 1035 1098
1188  1206  1251  1278 1305 1314 1377 1422 1584 1593 seemed to be Asian;
 702 846 1017  seemed to be DU

best wishes,

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