Thank you for your March 18th report! I was wondering who was in possession
of the Flux Capacitors!

Today in the Victoria area, radio signals were particularly gregarious in
the post dawn period around 1400 UTC -
I think I missed the best of the action as I staggered towards the shower -
still in play were the high banders - with 1575 taking
the cake with an English sounding, strident "VOA" style voice - in English
no less - likely talking about Trump punting Tillerson
out onto Pennsylvania Avenue with a growing collection of unemployed
states-people... AFN perhaps?
There were clearly 1 or 2 other signals underneath the main one - which is
a little unusual for me.

Anyway - I think I missed most of the party.

Colin - Drake R8 - West Flag - VACTROL knob twiddly termination thingies...

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 8:08 AM, Gary DeBock <> wrote:

> Wow! Pretty exceptional conditions prevailed for both the big gun TP's and
> several second tier stations as well-- during both the predawn darkness and
> sunrise enhancement. 657-Pyongyang hit an S9 level here just before 1300,
> while potent Chinese stations showed up on 603 and 738 around the same time.

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