It was an odd morning.  Nothing was very strong for any length of time even on 
the big guns, and a lot of weak audio was heard from smaller guns, also for 
short lengths of time.  Audio from China through New Zealand was featured, 
without too much rhyme or reason as to what was being heard when.  1300 to 
1330UT encompassed most of the action 

pretty darn good audio (all of it understandable by a native speaker, at least 

not today

Reasonable audio  at  times during the period (much of it understandable by a 
native speaker, though often battling w/splash or noise):

594 JOAK woman in Japanese 1301UT

774 3LO man and woman, DU English 1305UT //702; JOUB in the weeds

774 JOUB English lesson 1313UT

828 JOBB English news //693 1302UT

972 HLCA man and woman in Korean 1302UT, briefly at this level

1323 CRI woman in Russian, musical interlude, and more talk 1321UT //963 a 
moment later

1566 HLAZ man in Japanese 1304UT

not so reasonable audio, occasional words or phrases in splash or noise could 
be understood by a native speaker:

576 2RN woman mentioning BBC World Service 1316; //846 and 621 at various times

747 JOIB English lessons 1313UT

891 5AN? man on phone, woman in studio, DU English, 1319UT

828 3GI man talking 1259UT,  pips, fanfare, and ABC news.

Burbles in the splatter and noise (if lucky, language might be guessed at by 
cadence of talk, or parallel established by changes in talk or music)

567 man talking, DU English intonation 1305UT

585 7RN woman talking //576 1307UT

594 3WV   under JOAK with fanfare 1300UT

603 light pop vocal, suspect HLSA, as ragged traces of something similar on 
558; 1311UT

612  4QR old pop music //774 1309UT

621 3RN woman talking //576 1309UT; both low level, but quite clear

693 JOAB man and woman //828 1302UT

702 2BL woman talking //774 1305UT

738 2NR man and woman talking //612 1331UT

756 man talking DU English intonation 1301UT

846 2RN woman talking //576 1317UT

909 man talking, DU English intonation, 1306UT NZ?

945 CNR1 man talking, interspersed with CNR news sounders 1303UT

963 CRI, pretty rough with woman talking then man, but definitely //1323 1322UT

1134 man and woman, high octane Japanese talk? 1301UT

1242 man talking Japanese intonation 1327UT

1287 man talking Japanese intonation 1321UT

Strongish het, no or "near imaginary" audio (either undermodulated or ravaged 
by splatter)

 558   891 918 936 1026 1035  1179  1269   1314  1422  1503 1575 seemed to be 
 531 603 765 837  1017  1098  1107 1116 1503  seemed to be DU 

best wishes,


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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