It was all DU today, with not even the big boys from Japan producing any audio. 4BC was top dog, as usual, but 4MK was surprisingly close at times.

576     unID    Traces of man speaking at 1246

702     2BL     Sydney, AUSTRALIA       Interview by a man at 1255.

792     4RN     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     Woman interviewing man at 1234.

891     5AN     Adelaide, AUSTRALIA     Commentary on Aussie football game at 

1017 unID Strong carrier, but barely perceptible audio with a man speaking at 1251.

1026    4MK     Mackay, AUSTRALIA       Traces of pop music at 1226.
        Folk song heard at 1241, ads at 1248.

1116 4BC Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Talk program, with host talking with a caller at 1228.

1296    unID    Traces of man speaking at 1237

1512    2RN     Newcastle, AUSTRALIA    Traces of woman talking at 1244

1548 4QD Emerald, AUSTRALIA Talk by woman (I think about the Commonwealth Games) in heavy 1550 splatter at 1256, ABC news fanfare at 1300

1566    unID    Traces of audio with man speaking at 1245.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta
Perseus SDR and Wellbrook Phased Array
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